Wood Type


Maple: It is a nicely textured wood with immense hardness and strength. Maple machines well and holds stain very well. It is best used in fine furniture and flooring. 


Mahagony: This hardwood has a nice grain and has reddish brown color. It is very durable, mahogony resists swelling and shrinking. It is used for quality furniture such as cabinets, boat consturction, wood facings and veneers. 


Birch: The appearance of the wood will vary between species, but generally the sap wood is creamy white and the heart stock, golden brown. A straight-grained wood with fine even texture. It is heavy and very strong wood.


Cherry: Pink to reddish brown to deep red in color. Cherry is an elegant, multi-colored hardwood, which may contain small knots and pin holes. Natural or light stains accent these color variations making a distinctive statement in a full kitchen. Cherry wood will darken with age.


Hickory: Hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood. White to tan to reddish-brown with inconspicuous fine brown lines. The grain pattern welcomes a full range of medium-to-dark finishes and bleaching treatments.


Poplar: White to yellowish cast, sometimes slightly greenish cast and occasionally with dark purplish streaks. It is straight grained and evenly textured.  It stains well and can easily be made to resemble walnut or maple.


Walnut: Heartwood ranges from a deep, rich dark brown toa purplish black. Sapwood is nearly white to tan. Difference beteween heartwood and sapwood color is great. Grain is mostly straight and open, but some boards have burled or curly grain. Arrangement of pores is similiar to hickories, but pores are smaller in size. In time, there will be a natural change in color from the originial.


 Oak: Ranges from nearly white sapwood to a darker gray brown heartwood. Heavy, very strong and very hard, stiff, durable under exposure. Oak can be stained beautifully with a wide range of finish tones.








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